Directory of Units

Name of Unit Items Manufactured
M/s. Venture Automotive Tooling India Pvt. Ltd. Moulds, Jigs & Fixtures
M/s. BFG International Pvt. Ltd. FRP/GRP Panels
M/s. Control Components India Pvt. Ltd. Engineering Volves etc.
M/s. TIL Heathcare Pvt. Ltd. Tabs/Caps/Syrups
M/s. Nui Pulp and Paper Industries Pvt. Ltd. Poly. Coated Paper Cups
M/s. Rockworth Systems Furniture India Pvt. Ltd. Metal & Wooden Furniture
M/s. Pina Abrasives India Pvt. Ltd. Abrasives
M/s. Healthium Meditech Pvt. Ltd. Surgical Sutures & Mesh
M/s. Artura Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Ointments & Creams
M/s. Shan Solar Pvt. Ltd. Solar Photovolotic Modules
M/s. Kusakabe India Pvt. Ltd. Tube & pipe Mill Equipment
M/s. Pals Plush India Pvt. Ltd. Soft Toys
M/s. Everton Tea India Pvt. Ltd. Paper Enveloped Tea Bags & Instant Tea Mix
M/s. Premium Ingredients Food Services India Pvt. Ltd. Ingredients, Emulsifiers & Stabilisers
M/s. R.N. Photo Coating Pvt. Ltd. Coating on Ceramic Mugs etc.
M/s. Astrotech Steel Pvt. Ltd. Full Round Headed Fastners
M/s. West Pharmaceutical Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. Pharmaceutical Packaging
M/s. Vital Paper Products Pvt. Ltd. Paper Conversion Products
M/s. CX Precision Mechanical India Pvt. Ltd. Aluminium Casting Products, Sheet Metals
M/s. Zen Linen International Pvt. Ltd. Textile Made Ups (Quits & Warmers)
M/s. Gentec EPC Pvt. Ltd. Biomass Gasification Skid/ Gasifier Skid, Natural Gas Skids/ PRMS CNG Skid
M/s. Vermeiren India Rehab Pvt. Ltd. Wheel Chairs, Hospital Beds
M/s. UNP Disposable Tableware etc.
M/s. M.S.R Garments Pvt. Ltd. Hand made Suits & Coats, Cotton Shirt, Trial Suits
M/s. Splash Water Traders Pvt. Ltd. F.T.W.Z
M/s. MIMCO DFS India F.T.W.Z
M/s. Siddhartha Logistics Co. Pvt. Ltd. F.T.W.Z
M/s. Lavaca Leatherz Pvt. Ltd. Leather Bags etc.
M/s. Storeit Services LLP Fastener Nails
M/s. Aero Pistons Pvt. Ltd. Piston Pins, Diaphragm Rods/ Pump Shafts etc.
M/s. K & M Toys India Pvt. Ltd. Plush Toys
M/s. Val-Met Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Titanium alloys
M/s. Amar Houseware Pvt. Ltd. Foldable Ironing Board
M/s. Golden photo & Warehousing Pvt. Ltd. F.T.W.Z
M/s. Sundaram Fastener Ltd Auto Parts and Engineering components
M/s. Hyber Plastic And Rubber Products India Private Limited Precision Rubber & Plastic Products


Growth in Exports from 2011 to 2018

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Name Of Unit Name
Central Public Information Officer Shri. A.S.P. Sarma
First Appellate Authority Shri. R. Muthuraj, ITS
Second Appellate Authority The Chief Information Commissioner, New Delhi.